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Things I Need To Do In Triskellian

  • Arrange confirmation of Master Green & Purple Status at Dunwasser
  • Have Annushka copy and index my notes on Orange Magic; present same to Dunwasser
  • Discuss our findings in the Former Rinaldi Estate with Don Fabrizio.
    • Arrange purification rituals and exorcisms for the Estate.
    • Raise the possibility of granting Tamurello the office of Chancellor of the Exchequer.
      • Title of the Old Estate would revert to Don Fabrizio, but Tamurello would retain administrative authority-- and a share of the land's income.
      • A much better prospect than his current state, where the estate is tallied amongst his assets, and hence, among the taxes and imposts on his business activites.
        • Have Council and Constabulary assayed those imposts heretofore?
        • Has he managed to meet them?
  • Investigate the murder in my own HOUSE.

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