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Rikoshi Kisaragi

A Rough Timeline of Events as They Have or Probably Have Happened

At present, it is the last quarter of the year S'allumer 884.

Included here are dates of things that are Deemed Important for current goings-on. If there's something I've missed, or something I haven't mentioned that you'd like here for reference, let me know.

  • ????? - Someone or something creates the Portus Paludestri.

  • c. 3100 PS - Asternal and what is now Calabria are engulfed in the turmoil of war. This is the time to which Dierdre's Phelan and Xiu Ling were sent.

  • c. 1600 PS - The Age of Merkuon [mink] and Memmina [raccoon]. Merkuon's was one of allegedly nineteen kingdoms that were formed from dividing up Thrane after the Nexus War. Memmina's lands were in the south, including the area of the Portus Paludestri.

  • c. 800 PS - The best approximate date for the creation of the tablets which were used to seal the Nexus Points.

  • c. 300 PS - establishment of House Rinaldi from the families of vulpine nobles living in southern Calabria

  • c. 200 PS - first mention of foreign trade with the Iriomotan port city of Ikitai-Totte (from Zhonggese record)

  • c. 15 PS - Dierdre and the other Phelan around the Shenn Charnane disappear, only to reappear some 3000 years in the past.

  • S'allumer 1 - The Miracles of Helloise

  • 207 AM - official records state that Francisco di Librelli, last patriarch of the Librelli Family proper, is executed. Librelli records indicate that this is the time of the family's final exodus from Calabria

  • 215 - 220 AM - Dunwasser scholars' best estimate (based on collaborative sources) for the Lepelúr arrival on Iriomote

  • 367 AM - Anathasian researchers (including Monica) are slaughtered in a Church attempt to prevent them from opening the Portus Paludestri.

  • 820 - 834 AM - the heyday of Angeline the Black, pirate queen of the southern oceans

  • c. 865 AM - destruction of the village of Wenflower in the Lyore Region.

  • 867 AM - Lucas and Evrille de Mercueur are stripped of their noble title; the family flees to Iriomote, leaving Tybalt to the care of the orphanage in Lykaemon Coast.

  • 871 AM - birth of Bianca de Mercueur

  • 879 AM - followers of Bianca Mercuria assemble on the Iriomotan trade outpost of Iki-Ma and found a secret cult nation of the Children of Merkuon. This group includes the governess Tententh-Rúki and her staff.

  • 881 AM - Amalsand Jakoba comes to the island and weds Don Fidelio di Rinaldi

  • 882 AM - the Five Nexus Points of Calabria are rediscovered simultaneously by the group comprised of Tybalt MacWendelton, Roen of Wenflower, Xiu Ling, and Ilohnaiae, and also by Darryl Kilkenny.

  • 883 AM - the true Don Fabrizio di Rinaldi is restored to the throne, after the mysterious death of Lystragones' pretender, unbeknowsnt to the world at large

red text = unverified canon
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