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Ironclaw recap!

Okay, guys, you asked for it -- and here it is! A nicely summarized recap of what the party has been doing, what's going on, what it still to be done.

Bogus Letters of Marque?: After leaving Teldecot, parting ways with the now former Princess Bianca and her friends, you all travelled aboard ship with one Roger MacNair, who had 'surrendered' to you under terms that he would help you nab his mysterious finanicer in exchange for his continued freedom. The leads that you had were that his orders and moneys were delivered to him by a weasel who would find him in places along the southwest Bisclavret coast of the island. Implicated by these letters and signets were a few Bisclavret lords, among them the previously-acquainted Baron Gregor MacInness.

Tracking Down Those Responsible: With the help of the now former Captain Miss Katya Jakoba, you all staged a meeting in a boathouse where MacNair was due to deliver some additional 'captives' to his weasel contact for a little extra bonus for his services. It was here that you turned the tables and captured said weasel, wherein one of his own people (the rabbit woman, Cherise) revealed to be less-than-loyal. The weasel turned out to be one Friar Ditello, who (at least nominally) works for one Most Reverend Father Theophitus, an Avoirdupois abbot from lands east. His contacts, apparently, are known to be a young coyote girl, and a short, fat badger gentlemen (stocky even by badger standards).

The Plot Gets Chunky: You left Ms. Jakoba back west with MacNair to hold down the fort on that end (and also to keep criminals out of your midst, and vice-versa). En route, you encountered a Brother Kenneth and his entourage of paladins, who tried first to arrest Dierdre, and then later to levy charges of witchcraft and subterfuge against Lord Niktopolion. Nikulai's magics seemed to reveal that these 'allegations' had been planted into the Brother's mind hypnotically, and investigations later proved that no such actual charges against him (or any of you) had actually been made. Later, Brother Kenneth's outrider (who had been sent along ahead to ride to Ardent to inform the church of this) was attacked and used as bait for an ambush. The apparent 'leader' of this rabble of bandits was an elk who, strangely enough, was actually already dead before the attacks. Most puzzling, indeed...

And Just to be Annoying...: Upon finally returning to Triskellian to make a report with His Majesty the Don Fabrizio di Rinaldi, it was revealed (to nobody's great surprise) that 'Lady' Amalsand Jakoba had evaded death and/or capture once again, through clever use of the equally cleverly-titled 'synech-decoy,' as Nikulai termed it. But hey, at least there was a party afterward.

And Onward East: From Triskellian, you shuffled off to Conscient, in Avoirdupois lands, where the ever-earnest Darryl Kilkenny was presently residing. Conscient happened to be close by to the abbot's monastery, according to what was known, and by what Cherise had said, and letters from Darryl to Tybalt had expressed a desire to meet, anyway, and so the trip was made. Sometime between leaving and arriving, however, Darryl received a letter, from parties unknown, detailing a meeting to be had alone, mentioning that they had his fox as leverage. It is currently the day before the S'allumer Holy Day of Auctumnitia, also known as the Festival of Zeal (perhaps of more importance to Dierdre, this day is also the Autumnal Equinox). This meeting for Darryl is to be held in three days time, in the small town of Hollybrush east of Conscient. The current plan, as had been discussed, was to scope out the town, and then later send Roen on ahead, using Druidic magic to disguise him as Darryl and meet 'as planned,' in order to discern Just What We're Dealing With.

Questions? Comments? Other things that should be clarified? Please do note, ask, and request!
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