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Loose Ends, Addendum.

Lest we forget:
  • What force restored Monica to life? Dead for five centuries, re-animated by Amalsand's dark forces, masked from the scrying magics of the Church by the power of the Nexus Points -- and then, suddenly, a day's sail from Calabria, the breath of life restored, in defiance of all thaumic or theurgic understanding.
    • Could simply leaving the proximity of the island somehow have freed her from her undead state? I confess that makes little sense to me. One would think that, were the energies holding a revenant between Life and Death so bound to the land, then if distance should dissipate them, they would gravitate toward the latter state and not the former.
    • Could the Spirits of Iki-Ma and Iriomote somehow have restored her life? If so, how -- and why?
    • While the powers of Asternal were... oh, Truth and Beauty. That could be it. When she and her fellows were slain in the Paludestris those centuries agone... they would not be missed. And that is precisely when and how Asternal would draw inidviduals from Reality into its dream, to serve its ends. When Praswin ended the Great Spell, it placed those subject to it "where they belonged" -- and not only those who had dwelled within the Kingdom of Illusions itself, as the fate of Dierdre's people reveals.
      Perhaps Monica -- the true Monica, the living Monica -- was plucked from her "ending" 500 years ago, and restored to us on that vessel, "when she ws needed". Indeed, her living blood provided the key to the Pons Aetherium.
      But were this true, then who was that revenant that Amalsand roused, who traveled with us those long months, and whose memories our breathing Monica seems to share uninterrupted?

Heretofore, discretion has kept me from broaching this subject to Monica herself; perhaps it is time that I should overcome that reluctance.
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