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Loose Ends.

Translated from the Night Script

We have accomplished much in these last few hours; more than I would credit myself, had I not been present for it all. I am staggered by the enormity of the events that occurred on the other side of the Western Portal, in that chamber beneath the sea in which those imprisoned Autarchs sustained their self-imposed penance.

Alas, unlike the tales of bards and minstrels, we who have saved the kingdom -- if not all of Monderevele -- cannot yet live "happily ever after". Too many questions remain unanswered, too many tasks remain unresolved. I feel that I should scribe these thoughts, lest in our exhilaration we leave some vital matter unresolved.

  • Where is Amalsand Jakoba? I find it almost within the realm of possiblity that the Shades haunting the Rinaldi manor might find their Debt of Honor to be appeased the imprisonment of Amalsand's power lust, and the remorse felt by the woman who remains -- but I do not presume that such a resolution will truly satisfy the rightous anger of the dead.

    The deceased aside, I KNOW it will not satisfy the Lords of Calabria, the Houses Major and Minor. Nor will it satisfy the common folk. To let her continue to roam uncaught, redeemed or no, will be taken as a sign of weakness in My Lord Fabrizio, an insult both to House Rinaldi and those who hold that house as Leige, even if only by the slenderest thread of grudging pretense.

  • What sank Katya's vessel?

  • What of the other Morrignu in the Rothos mountains? For that matter, what of Talis, and the massacres he ordered and committed? As the rush of relief at the resolution of such weighty matters has ebbed, my willingness to absolve such atrocity has ebbed with it.

  • Who is the Voice of the Lady?

  • What are the "Uber-Morrignai"? Where did they come from? We've encountered TWO of them, and they don't seem connected to Asternal or the Morrignu. Were they just... random encounters?

Other thoughts and musings...

We initially assumed that when the Spell of Asternal ended and returned her populace to the "appropriate" times and places, that meant the times and places from whence they hailed, or those times and places where they would have been had their lives not been diverted by the events that "lost" them in the Kingdom of Illusions. I do not think this is invariably the case, however. The reports we have collected of mysterious apperances over the centuries often mention people of unfamiliar languages and customs appearing in decidedly INappropriate locales. Rather, the Masters guided them to "when and where they were NEEDED" -- to meet other former Asternali, perhaps, and ensure that the continuity of information continued unimpeded over the millennia.

"Millennia". Truth and Beauty, can they really have records that span that time?

I must see if I can cajole a straight answer from Saruto in these matters. It seems uncannily fortunate that she herself would hail from a time so close to our own. Did she, indeed? Or did the Masters... "adjust"... the time of her return to insure that we could be reunited?

Saruto and I seem to be the only persons present who still understand the Demieltu tongue. My determination to consciously practice the structures and vocabulary of that tongue seems confirmed. I wonder why she can still speak it when Lysander cannot; she was no more native to the land herself than he. Perhaps her patient instruction to me helped fix the language in her own mind as it did mine, making it "true knowledge" that remained when the Great Spell ended.


From all that we have learned, The Great Spell of the Masters of Asternal tapped into the very heart of the world's magic to sustain their Kingdom of Illusions. The arcane resources needed to support a magical weaving of such vast power and intricacy frankly exceed my meager comprehension. If, for ten thousand years, all this mystic might has been directed... "Up", as Tybalt's Thaumaturgic lore suggested... then where will it go now? Will it simply settle into quiescence, like an untapped well? Or will that magic flow into our world unchecked, as water from a mill-dam whose wheel has been removed? Or will it build until it overflows?

If Essential Magic -- the "quintessence" of the Elementalists, perhaps -- does act like a fluid, then what would be the effects of an untrammeled flow into the world? Will magic become more potent, or more readily learned, or will we find ourselves plagued with unnatural creatures like those Ur-Morrignai?

Do these questions even have meaning?
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